Follow up: Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations


Alberta Health Services (AHS) has determined all employees are required to be “fully immunized for COVID-19 by October 31, 2021.” You can read the AHS media release here.

Following up on the email we sent last week, we want to remind you that HSAA supports vaccinations and always have. We are encouraging our members and all Albertans to be vaccinated.

We recognize that this is not medically feasible for some of you or that there may be individual circumstances that will preclude you from being vaccinated. As your union, we will defend your rights under your collective agreement and represent you vigorously.

Should you have any concerns or encounter issues with your employer, please call our Members’ Resource Centre immediately at 1-844-280-4722 or email to

Last week we made it clear decisions regarding the vaccine must be based on science and not politics. We also called for HSAA to be consulted regarding employer vaccination policies. We can tell you the consultation is underway, and we will be updating you as information becomes available.

Once again, this is about being able to continue doing the work that needs to be done to keep Albertans safe and help them heal during this public health emergency.

Vaccinations, along with other proven measures, should be utilized to their full potential.

In Solidarity,

Mike and Leanne