HSAA condemns Jason Kenney’s lack of leadership

Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) President, Mike Parker, and Vice-President, Leanne Alfaro, react to Kenney’s complete failure to protect Albertans and the health system they rely on.

Edmonton — The board of directors of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta met virtually today to discuss the admission made by Jason Kenney that he has failed Albertans. The board is united in its condemnation of the premier for his lack of leadership from the beginning of the pandemic, culminating in his premature opening of the province early in July.

“Albertans should hold Jason Kenney and his government responsible for the current level of illness and death, which is the worst in Canada,” said HSAA President Mike Parker on behalf of the board. “Had Kenney listened to the scientific advice of medical experts, our experience would not be at this disastrous level.

“As a result, Albertans are suffering and medical professionals are facing the strong possibility they will have to make choices about who to treat first based on who has the best chance of survival,” continued Parker. “The long-term psychological trauma experienced by those participating in these choices cannot be understated.”

“Without leadership that we can rely upon, it is up to Albertans to take the responsibility upon themselves,” added Vice-President Leanne Alfaro. “Please get yourself vaccinated and continue to take every precaution for just a little bit longer. Only that way can we show our loved ones, our co-workers and our neighbours that we care about them. Only then can we safely get our province back to work, once scientists tell us it is safe to do so.”

HSAA is 28,000 health-care professionals dedicated to protecting the public health system and the vulnerable Albertans who rely on it.

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