Health Matters

to all of us

Public health care saves lives. Why is Jason Kenney ripping it apart?

Jason Kenney and the UCP government are attacking public health care — and trying to divide Albertans. Kenney’s expanding for-profit clinics, where patients have to pay to get care. And he’s bringing American-style, two-tier health care to Alberta.

Private health care didn’t save Alberta during this pandemic. Public health care did.

So why is Jason Kenney ripping apart our public health care?

As Alberta’s trusted health-care professionals, we have a responsibility to sound the alarm. We’re worried about the impact of Kenney’s cuts and privatization plans on every patient.

Albertans deserve better.

In tough times, the last thing families need is the worry of how to pay for care. Every health-care dollar should go towards better care for all Albertans. Not bigger profits for private health corporations.

Help us protect public health care for Alberta’s families. Send an email to Jason Kenney and add your voice.