Statement on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations

HSAA members,

Your relentless work to protect and heal our loved ones and neighbours continues. The pandemic is not over. We know you will be using every ounce of your personal reserves and available resources to mitigate the damage being done to our health and well-being.

Vaccines are an important tool to be utilized in the continuing effort to protect lives and end the pandemic. HSAA believes all workers have the right to leave work free from injury or disease. HSAA also believes patient safety and outcomes are closely linked to worker safety, thus our members have a professional and moral obligation to establish a culture of safety to improve the lives of Albertans.

We encourage members to be vaccinated to contribute to public health.

The following conditions must be met when deciding whether to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for health-care workers in Alberta.

  1. The decision must be based on science and come from Public Health authorities.
    1. Decisions related to vaccine mandates for specific worksites or professions must be based on risk and evidence.
    2. Decisions on mandatory vaccines must not be made by politicians, or employers, who have no business imposing unilateral directives in a workplace when dealing with health and safety issues.
  2. HSAA and all other unions affected by a vaccine mandate should be consulted regarding employer vaccination policies.
  3. All Charter and Collective Bargaining Rights must be respected, and accommodations made when an individual worker is not able to be vaccinated. HSAA will not hesitate to use all means available to hold employers accountable to the obligation to protect the rights of members.
  4. Other control measures must be maintained and become part of the vaccine policy. These include, but are not limited to: PPE, enhanced ventilation systems, masking and physical distancing.

This is about being able to continue doing the work that needs to be done to keep Albertans safe during this unprecedented and ongoing public health emergency.

Vaccinations, along with other proven measures should be utilized to their full potential.

In solidarity,

Mike Parker,
HSAA President

Leanne Alfaro,
HSAA Vice-President