Strategic Plan

HSAA’s mission and strategic plan serve as a focal point for all of our union’s activities and conveys a concrete yet unrealized vision for HSAA as we continue to look out for the health of Albertans.


Members are active in HSAA and support union values.


  • Identify and respond to key issues that members care about.
  • Increase the number of active Local Units and degree and level of activity.
  • Create opportunities for leaders within HSAA to connect with the membership.
  • Enhance opportunities for members to engage with HSAA and become activists in ways that best suit their needs and preferences with a particular eye towards ensuring members working for private employers are not alienated.


HSAA is recognized as a strong and united voice for workers.


  • Improve members’ knowledge of their rights to bargaining, strike and union involvement through informing them about the value of unions.
  • Increase members’ understanding of the value of HSAA’s role in their lives, the resources it provides and the rights it protects.
  • Enhance the reputation of HSAA.


HSAA will actively represent its members in the workplace as well as in the political and legislative environments.


  • Expand opportunities to maintain current alliances and develop new alliances to address specific needs of HSAA, the unorganized and marginalized.
  • Enhance engagement within the political environment. 
  • Ensure operational excellence of HSAA. 
  • Increase opportunities for diversity and inclusion. 
  • Increase operational excellence through the recruitment, training and utilization of Stewards.
  • Defend against the impact of regulations of Bill 32.