It’s time to show up and get loud! UNA information rallies – Aug 11

Tomorrow is the day! It’s time to show up and get loud!

The United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) are organizing information rallies throughout Alberta. These rallies are meant to draw attention to the current government’s latest attack on the very frontline workers who have kept Albertans safe during the ongoing pandemic… us.

After being served an initial proposal by AHS for a 0% increase, the government is now stepping in and trying to impose what works out to a 5% wage rollback. This is of incredible concern to HSAA as we have numerous collective agreements, including AHS and Covenant Health that will be affected by anything that happens to our union kin at UNA. (Proposals to be exchanged in October 2021)

The government is trying to divide us. They are trying to isolate, confuse and mislead. It’s frustrating… and it can make you feel alone.

But we are not alone. This is why we join with and support other unions.

It’s time to stand with our union sisters, brothers and kin. It’s time to stand with Albertans already taking to the streets. 

Our local leaders are taking up this call to action and rally supplies have been distributed across the province. 

You can find out information on the rallies via our social media channels; here is the link to Facebook.

We encourage you to join a local rally during a break or on your off time.

It’s time for us all to come together and picket with our labour partners and concerned citizens so the current government understands they won’t get away with destroying the health system… and the health of the Alberta public.


In Solidarity,

Mike and Leanne