The Constitution is HSAA’s highest expression of the collective will of the membership of the Union. It stands as the ultimate authority upon which every decision is based. As such, it can only be amended by a 2/3 vote of the delegates at Convention or a special meeting.

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No member of the Union, in his or her individual capacity, shall be liable for any debt or liability of the Union.



The Union shall have a common seal which shall be under the control of the Board and the responsibility for its use and the procedures to be followed in its use shall be as determined by the Board. The seal shall be in safe custody within the central office of the Union.



The Members’ Benefits Committee shall be appointed by the Board to administer the following funds:

  1. Elisabeth Ballermann Social Justice and Labour Relations Fund;
  2. Bursary Funds;
  3. Dell Taylor Memorial Education Fund;
  4. Emergency Financial Assistance Fund;
  5. Disaster Relief Fund;
  6. Line of Duty Death Benefit;
  7. Any other funds of a similar nature which may be instituted by the Union.


The policies and procedures of the Members’ Benefits Committee are subject to ratification by the Board. The granting or refusal of any assistance from these funds shall remain at the discretion of the Members’ Benefits Committee.  The decision of the committee may be appealed as per the Members’ Appeals policy.


The purpose of the Elisabeth Ballermann Social Justice and Labour Relations Fund is for the registration, tuition fees and other related expenses, up to the maximum allowed, for labour relations courses, conferences, and workshops and must be directly related to labour relations, unionism or social justice.


The purpose of the Bursary Funds is to provide financial assistance to members, spouses, and children/dependents of members pursuing a recognized degree, diploma or certificate at a post-secondary educational institution.


The purpose of the Dell Taylor Memorial Education Fund is to provide assistance to members enrolling in a course of studies related to that member’s discipline.

Such monies are to be used for the payment of registration, examination and/or tuition fees exclusively.


The purpose of the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund is to provide members with financial aid in emergency situations


Financial assistance under the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund shall be available to each member to the maximum lifetime benefit.


The purpose of the Disaster Relief Fund is to provide financial assistance to members affected by a natural disaster that results in the loss of, or displacement from, their primary residence.


The Disaster Relief Fund is activated by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board of Directors.


The purpose of the Line of Duty Death Benefit is to provide a financial benefit to the family of a member that dies in the line of duty.