HSAA calls for DynaLIFE to commit to wage fairness and return to bargaining

HSAA President, Mike Parker, reacts to the negotiations break down between HSAA and DynaLIFE.

Edmonton — Alberta health-care workers employed by DynaLIFE are asking their employer to put patients and wage fairness ahead of profits and return to the bargaining table. After a year of negotiations, DynaLIFE is pushing HSAA to an impasse which may lead to job action or accepting different wages for the same work, with the same company.

DynaLIFE was awarded a contract by the UCP government to provide most community laboratory services in Alberta, which included transitioning workers from Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) to DynaLIFE with a previously negotiated contract.

DynaLIFE believes that their employees do not deserve the same compensation as their colleagues who transitioned from APL. HSAA believes lab workers deserve the same pay and same benefits for the same work. DynaLIFE refuses to move from their unfair position, thus bargaining has broken down and informal mediation was unsuccessful.

Next week, negotiations begin on an Essential Services Agreement (ESA) in preparation for formal mediation. If formal mediation is unsuccessful, it could lead to a strike or a lock out. An ESA must be in place prior to formal mediation to ensure the safety of Albertans in that event.

“What kind of employer would push the employees to job action to maintain wage inequity of critical health-care workers on the heels of a pandemic and when Albertans are unable to get timely access to laboratory services?” said HSAA President Mike Parker “How will that attract the scarce laboratory workers we need? How will that ensure Albertans do not have to pay for health care access with their credit card?”

Despite promises by the UCP government that the transition will provide more timely access to care and a more stable workforce, there are over 200 vacancies with DynaLIFE and rapidly ballooning wait times for community laboratory services.

“This is about fairness and addressing the staffing shortages in our lab system that prevent Albertans from accessing the care they need.” continued Parker “We will not participate in a race to the bottom on wages to maintain profits for shareholders.”

HSAA wants DynaLIFE to either be publicly accountable for pushing our members to possible job action or return to the bargaining table next week willing to negotiate wage parity for all its employees.

“We want to work with DynaLIFE at the bargaining table to help improve access to laboratory services for Albertans. And that means investing in the most important part, our critical laboratory professionals” concluded Mike Parker.

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