HSAA endorses Susan Cake for AFL President

President Mike Parker, Vice-President Trudy Thomson and the board of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta are pleased to announce their endorsement of Susan Cake for the presidency of the Alberta Federation of Labour.

“Susan is the leader that Alberta’s working folks need right now,” said Parker. “Not only does she understand and value our rich labour roots in this province, but she also has a clear vision of where we need to go.”

“We are at a critical moment in time in which we face a government that is working to rip apart many of the things that we hold dear including public health care, public services and working relationships that value the contribution of working people,” added Thomson. “These issues are critical not only for unionized workers, but for all workers in general. Susan understands that Labour must reach out far more effectively to all Albertans and to begin a conversation with those outside of our tent as well.”

HSAA’s board was impressed with Cake’s approach to the key issues that face us today. They appreciated her level-headed, reasoned approach to the challenges working people face as we oppose the ideologically driven agenda of Jason Kenney and the UCP.

“We were particularly impressed with Susan’s vision for the next generation of workers who are facing new and unique challenges in their careers,” added Parker. “It’s time we had a leader of the AFL with whom our younger workers can identify and who values their contributions.

“HSAA looks forward to working with a collaborative, visionary and innovative leader and we are happy to have that in Susan Cake.”