4 Things you need to know about Alberta’s Health Care before the next election

Our system is stretched pretty thin.

Alberta’s health care system is stretched pretty thin from years of cuts, privatization, and neglect. We’re finally seeing some long-overdue investments and improvements in our hospitals and health care, but politicians and the UCP are talking about more cuts and privatization – as if they haven’t learned their lesson.

Cuts are too risky.

HSAA members deliver vital services to Albertans every day so we know first hand the kind of damage these cuts make. We see where the vulnerabilities in the system, where things are falling short, and how Albertans pay the price. Cuts and privatization would only make things worse, and nothing is more important than quality health care.

Alberta can afford care.

Alberta can afford quality public health care, but by prioritizing funding for caring for patients, not profit for private health corporations.

When you and your family need health care, the last thing you should ever have to worry about is whether you can afford it. It’s our government’s job to ensure a public health care system that works for everyone.

We can have quality public health care – if we say no to cuts and privatization.

The next Alberta election is just months away, and your opinion matters. We need to make sure all of the candidates know that quality health care matters to Albertans and will impact the vote.

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