Health Care Matters

It’s government’s #1 job: making sure you can count on health care when you and your family need it.

After years of cuts, neglect and privatization, Alberta’s health care system is stretched pretty thin. But the good news is, we’re finally seeing long-overdue investments and improvements in our hospitals and health care.

The bad news is, politicians and the UCP are talking about more cuts and privatization.

Cuts are too risky.

We know the kind of damage those cuts would do, because HSAA members deliver vital services to Albertans every day. We see where the system’s already falling short, and where it’s vulnerable.

And we know: cuts and privatization are way too big a risk.

Alberta can afford quality public health care. But to do it, every health care dollar has to go into caring for patients and keeping people healthy — not into profit for private health corporations.

That’s why we need governments that support public health care. Because when you and your family need health care, the last thing you should ever have to worry about is whether you can afford it.

We can have quality public health care.
But only if we say no to cuts and privatization.

The next Alberta election is just months away. Let’s make sure we elect a premier and government that protect health care, and keep it public.

Want to make sure that happens? Here are three things you can do right now:

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And most important, talk to everyone you know: neighbours, colleagues, friends, family. Remind them that health care matters… and that we need politicians and governments that know it.