If Food Be The Path To Member Engagement, Cook On

What’s the recipe for a successful Local Unit event?

Good food and generous friends would be some key ingredients. Add a bunch of hungry members and you’ve got a hit!

Shauna Cruden, a diagnostic sonographer at the Edson Healthcare Centre and Local Unit chair in Edson, organized a BBQ recently and about 50 members turned out to meet fellow members. The use of a fantastic mobile BBQ was donated by her father, Ted Cruden, branch manager and electrical manager of Tarpon, a company involved in electrical and instrumentation services, control systems, renewable power systems and integrated modular solutions.

HSAA board member Scott MacDougall and Labour Relations Officer Tammy Milliken cooked and served the food.

Thinking about organizing an event like this for your Local Unit? If you have any questions, contact Local Unit Advisor Amanda Freistadt at AmandaF@hsaa.ca.