HSAA’s 2024 Convention Notice

This is the official notice for HSAA’s 2024 Convention! The Convention is to be held on May 30 & 31, 2024, at the Edmonton Convention Centre.

As per the Constitution, resolutions may be submitted for consideration at our Annual Convention (Article 48.04 – Resolutions). The deadline for resolutions to be submitted for the 2024 Convention is Monday, April 15, 2024 and must be submitted to resolutions@hsaa.ca. All policy resolutions shall not exceed 150 words.

Why would I write a resolution?

Members may want the union to address concerns in the form of a resolution to be considered by the delegates at Convention who represent the membership.

  • The purpose of a resolution is to address an issue raised by the membership. Issues pertaining to union policy, government lobbying or future action for the union, are all appropriate topics for consideration by the membership.
  • Please note: Collective bargaining issues are not dealt with at Convention; they are dealt with through other means such as a bargaining conference or through surveys and other methods of consultations with the membership, prior to the expiry of the collective bargaining agreement.

If you would like more information on resolutions to Convention or to download the resolutions form, please click here.

Stay tuned! More details for HSAA members will be available in the new year.


Mike Parker,

HSAA President 

Leanne Alfaro,

HSAA Vice-President