How has the Health-Care Staffing Crisis Affected YOU?

These are hard days for health care in Alberta. Many of the health-care professionals working on the front lines are running on empty. The staffing crisis in Alberta’s health-care system affects everyone, from patients and their families to the professionals who care for us when we need it.

We need to speak up about what’s really happening. Many Albertans have a story about the staffing crisis. Maybe it involves having trouble getting care. Maybe you’ve seen health-care professionals going above and beyond, even while they are being asked to do more with less. Or perhaps you are a health-care professional who has seen the consequences of the staffing crisis first-hand. Maybe it happened to you personally, or maybe it involves someone you care about. We want to hear your story.

Please take a moment right now to write a few words and tell us YOUR health-care story. By raising your voice and sharing your story, you can help us fix the system.