Transition to public labs right decision for Albertans

Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) Vice President, Leanne Alfaro reacts to the announcement all community lab services in Alberta will be transitioned back to the public system by the end of the year.

Edmonton — The government of Alberta has announced all DynaLIFE staff, equipment and property in the province is to be transitioned back to the publicly run system.

“This is good news for our members working in labs across the province and for Albertans facing long waits for test results,” said HSAA Vice President, Leanne Alfaro. “We commend the government for making the difficult decision to transition away from for-profit lab services.”

“A lab system that is publicly administered and delivered is in the best interest of Albertans,” continued Alfaro. “It’s what HSAA has been advocating for since the cancellation of the lab modernization project in 2019 – a system that puts patients first.”

“Our members will benefit from a system that doesn’t hamper their abilities to care for people by cutting corners to increase profit,” added Alfaro. “But we do remain concerned about the impacts of yet another transition on our dedicated lab professionals and Albertan needing lab services.”

“We agree with this change because we need to put years of lab chaos behind us,” concluded Alfaro. “We are eager to work with government and Alberta Precision Laboratories to solve the critical staffing crisis impacting labs and the entire health-care system, and to make this transition a success.”

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