HSAA ready to help solve EMS crisis, privatization not the answer

Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) President, Mike Parker made the following statement in reaction the government announcing a plan to deal with the EMS crisis in Alberta.

“It is long past time an Alberta government got to work on solving the EMS crisis in Alberta. Our advocacy to expose the state of EMS by reporting red alerts has made the need for action clear. 

“HSAA has been asked to come to the table to come up with solutions. As the experts in the delivery of emergency medical services we are more than willing to get to work. 

“However, to be clear, HSAA will not be recommending or supportive of any privatization efforts. 

“My focus throughout this process will be the health of Albertans and ensuring care is there when they need it. Every dollar needs to be spent on patient care – not profits for private contractors.”