Call on the New Premier to Keep Health Care Public

Let’s Heal Our Public Health Care

The UCP has chosen their new leader, which means we have a new Premier of Alberta. It’s time to tell our new Premier to keep health care public. 

Take action today by calling the new Premier’s office using our simple tool. 

Under the UCP government so far, Alberta’s public health care system has been cut and privatized. The result has been chaos – cancelled surgeries, delays in treatment, and hallway medicine. 

Danielle Smith needs to know we want better from our government. 

Let’s send a strong message that it’s time to heal our public health care. 

We’ve made it easy for you to phone the new Premier with your concerns.

Here’s all you need to do. 

Be sure to have your phone close at hand. When you click submit below, your phone will ring. When you pick up, we’ll patch you through to the Premier’s office. 

You might speak with an assistant who can take a message, or you might be asked to leave a voicemail message. Your goal is to leave your comments to be passed on to the Premier. 

Watch the How-To Video Here