Demand Support for EMS in Alberta

EMS services are stretched beyond their limits.

Albertans in crisis can no longer be certain paramedics will be available to respond when they need them. Yet, the UCP government continues to cut and privatize vital health-care services.

Every single health-care dollar should go into patient care — not into profit for corporations.

The government set up a panel to come up with long-term solutions but as the experts, we know what is needed. We can’t let the UCP government use this crisis as an excuse to Americanize our EMS system.

Instead, we need the government to address the staffing crisis by:

  1. Filling all vacant EMS positions
  2. Retaining paramedics by improving working conditions
  3. Recruiting new paramedics

We need to hire more paramedics and get more ambulances on the road. Lives depend on it.