The great Kenney giveaway continues with hospital laundry

For Immediate Release
March 13, 2019

C’mon down to crazy Kenney’s health-care giveaway!

For the second time this week (and it’s only Wednesday, so brace yourselves Albertans), Jason Kenney revealed just how far he’s prepared to go to hand over prized public assets to his corporate pals.

And how little he knows about how our health-care system works.

On Monday, it was laboratory services (link to our media release). Today it was laundry services.

“It’s clear that Jason Kenney has no interest in facts, has nothing but contempt for evidence and distrusts front-line health-care workers and experts,” says Mike Parker, president of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA), the union which represents 26,000 health-care professionals.

“Kenney is ideologically committed to giving assets that belong to Albertans. Laboratories, laundry – what’s next on his agenda? He falsely claimed that labs don’t heal people, so it was OK to privatize. Will he hand over X-rays and diagnostic imaging because they only create images, they don’t actually fix bones?

“It is abundantly clear that Kenney and the UCP either don’t understand health care or don’t care if it continues to operate as a universal Medicare system that treats everyone equally or fairly,” says Parker.

“When Albertans see health care, they see a service that saves lives. When Kenney sees health care, he sees only money, not people – an opportunity for his corporate pals to make a buck. It’s not enough that he promises them massive tax cuts, he wants give them more – more of what belongs to us,” says the HSAA president.

“Jason Kenney cannot be trusted with Alberta’s health care. In this election, we need to vote like our health care depends on it. Because it does.”


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