HSAA Members Join Dragon Boat Races in Lethbridge

Two HSAA members were among the people taking part in the recent Lethbridge Dragon Boat weekend on Henderson Lake.

We were part of the Where’s The Finish?! team, made up of 22 women and one man – he was in charge of steering! HSAA’s Social Justice Committee donated $100 to each of us and that money was put toward the team registration fee, practices and uniform shirts.

The Dragon Boat Festival was held June 16-18 and raises fund for Lethbridge Rotary International, which is involved in many wonderful projects in the community and internationally. These include the Rotary Centennial Galt Gardens Splash Park and fundraising for the SLP skate park in the city, as well as raising funds internationally for a wide range of projects including acquiring ambulances in Mexico, for polio vaccination programs, hospitals in India and school and clean-water programs in Africa.

About 65 teams took part in the dragon boat races. Our team was blessed to be involved as honorary guards for the cancer-survivor race in honor of breast-cancer survivors. We had quite a few ladies who were AHS employees, as well as some great ladies from other areas of Lethbridge.

We won the Women’s C Consolation Final Race! This is our second year only of Dragon Boats – and it won’t be our last!!